Welles Breathes a New Life into Garage Rock with New Visual

At long last, the resurgence of garage rock we were all promised years ago (that was replaced by bedroom pop) seems to be back.

Take a step inside the world of 23 year old musician, Welles in the psychedelic video for his track, "Rock N Roll". A song that in Jesse Wells' words is "a tune in the style of, in reverence to, and for the sake of rock n' roll."

Having just released his debut record, "Red Trees and White Trashes," with his unique and jarringly emotive vocal stylings Welles is continuing where the music scene left off in 2014. Of course there has been the off rock and punk number, but this new track seems to bring with it some bedroom pop influence, hinting that we're about to see something amazing in music. It comes as no surprise then, that the video for "Rock n Roll" is new wave inspired animated beauty. Created by Diego Huacuja from Basa Estudio based out of Mexico City, the visual artist wanted to "visually communicate the personality and vibe of the song," noting how there's a "heavy rock and roll tone mixed with a certain indifference and absurdness within the lyrics that I was really drawn to." 

Watch the new visual below, and get ready for your local house show line up to get louder (with of course more guitar solos).

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