Beginners Guide to Wave Music

Updated: May 7, 2018

Wave music, plain and simple, has never been defined. Ask any skater-bro, Soundcloud rapper, or local promoter what 'Wave Music' is, and you won't get the same answer twice.

I've been personally following Wave Music, and it's booming growth on the East Coast of the USA for the past three years, and it's only getting bigger. Its time to not only pay attention, but to acknowledge that Wave Music is here to stay.

Felly, Richmond Va. Dumpster Kat.

Wave Music's actual definition can be broken down in to two different buckets. One way to look at Wave Music is to define it as music that prioritizes the end result over the process itself. This means that Wave Music is music that puts how the music makes you feel first, and the technicalities of the music industry and music making second. The second bucket of Wave Music, or alternative way of looking it at, is to say Wave Music is simply music that is making a new wave in an existing genre.

Acid Ghost, Brooklyn, NY. Dumpster Kat.

It doesn't matter which bucket of Wave Music you prescribe to, because you get the same basic result each time. Bucket One let's you know the intentions of a music maker first, and places perhaps an outdated way of looking at music second. Bucket Two tells you that any genre can make Wave Music, it's just about using the best genre for you in the best way possible.

The main takeaway from both buckets however should be; that genres themselves are dying. As the years go on, and music moves forward, crowds increasingly don't care about where their music fits into their music library, but rather where they fit into their music.

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