Summer is For Touring | Kevin Buckley Takes on 10 Shows in 7 Days

Updated: Sep 12, 2019

Well here we are, its mid-summer which means every band/artist that you love has probably wrapped at least two shows by now. While musical seasons tend to get broken down into; Spring is for new music, Summer is festival season, Fall is for tours, and Winter is for recording, the laws of the music world are slowly breaking down. With more and more beloved groups and artists having to work a day job to sustain their musical career, summer has progressively become the touring season for smaller groups.

Take Kevin Buckley, a Maryland based drummer best known for his work with the group Modern Nomad. In 7 days this man has played 10 shows, and not all with the same band. We got a chance to catch up with Buckley outside of the Jeff Draco tour stop in Richmond, Virginia to see what playing that many shows across the East Coast is truly like for an up and coming music maker.

Kevin Buckley

On his first time cramming this many shows into a week Buckley says, “its crazy, but I do it because I love to play the music”. Buckley is just one of several members of the tight-knit Bel Air/Baltimore Maryland scene where its typical for a vast majority of the musicians to play in each other’s bands. Buckley met the members of Jeff Draco at an annual Bel Air music get together, and when their typical drummer couldn’t make the tour the members asked Buckley to join them on the road. “Of course I said yes, gotta support” Buckley says when asked if there was any hesitation to joining a different band for a week.

Members of the Bel Air Music Scene like Kevin Buckley are the reason the region has such a strong musical sound with a tight knit community to support it. Seeing musicians uplift each other like Buckley has is rare, so we’re so happy to have had time to sit down and talk with him. Check out the photos below from Jeff Draco’s set in Richmond, Virginia.

All photos by Kathryn DeFrank.

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