PK Delay Releases a New Project Via SoundCloud

Pittsburgh artist, Pk Delay, has recently released a new project via SoundCloud. His latest project, "The 2w0", is the obvious progression in Delay's growing career. His beat selection continues to wow and pull listeners in, while tracks like "Dead That", speak to the heart within his listeners.

Artist, Pk Delay

The project balances an amazing mix of hype-upbeat tracks perfect for late nights in fast cars, and more introspective tracks that seem to speak to the current emotional state of the Pittsburgh region.

Important to the PGH rap narrative, "I Can't Even Sleep", speaks to the struggle Pittsburgh rappers seem to face in constantly being compared with Wiz or Mac.

Cover Art for The 2w0

The 7 track project comes after Delay's full length, "Silver", and now we're left waiting to see what visuals Delays decides to pair with our new favorite Pk Delay tracks.

Listen to the full project here.

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