OnUR Creates a Sound All His Own With "Beamin'"

22 year old multi-talented artist, ONUR, has released his newest single this month, "Beamin'".

Originally from London, England, ONUR has already played a variety of festivals and venues across the European region. After graduating from university with a degree in music, the 22 year old newcomer is about to make some serious waves within the neo-R&B community, a thriving sound in the UK currently.

This is ONUR's debut single and it's unlike most of the soul and R&B releases we're hearing from Europe. The track, is both self-written and self-produce which helps to mix a cinematic sound with typical stylings of American Bedroom-Pop.

On his first venture into the published music world ONUR has said, “I had just broken up from an intensely long and serious relationship. The song is about moving on or at least, trying to, whilst the instrumental was also another reflection of how I was feeling. Yet, it all somehow felt very true to my sense of self at the time. Very lo-fi, very cranky, very out of line with what was deemed as acceptable and right”. With unusual production choices for his music market, ONUR’s sound is one that is set to cross the ocean quickly.

"Beamin'",  will be the first of a collection of singles to be unveiled one by one every month and leading up to an EP planned to be showcased at the beginning of next year. Check out the newest release below, and add this one to your next morning playlist.

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