Modern Nomad Releases Yet Another Track

Our Maryland favorite, Modern Nomad, has released yet another track via his digital streaming platforms.

Photo: Kathryn DeFrank

This month we've been seeing a lot of new releases from Modern Nomad, and a lot of tweets about The Beatles. Well, we finally have the marriage of his two September activities. Modern Nomad's newest single, "Give it Up", gives us a glimpse into what the first boy band may have sounded like if they were making music today. That being said, don't just pass up Modern Nomad as another fan band.

Over the years Modern Nomad has proven his ability to take influences to another level. While we can still hear who has been inspiring our Friend Tom Mclean this month, we can also hear his musical growth in just this month alone. Take a listen to the newest single below and be sure to play it at your next picnic.

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