Modern Nomad Goes Retro

Modern Nomad Goes Retro | 'Nostalgia' EP Released Today

Tom McLean better known as Maryland's very own Modern Nomad has released his 'Nostalgia' EP earlier today at midnight, and we think this one is perfectly named. Maybe its the years we've spent listening to too much of Modern Nomad's music (no such thing), but this EP is one of those sonic collections that you can't imagine not being in your life.

Each track of this five track journey takes the listener to a new yet somehow familiar destination. From the flowering fields of spring brought on by 'What Was Lost Was Found' to the cozy Winter's car ride evoked by 'Time and Place' we can't quite tell if this is an EP to make memories to, or if we already have. All we know is that 'Nostalgia' will be in our rotation for some time

Modern Nomad's newest, 'Nostalgia', is the perfect soundtrack to your next road-trip, picnic, or just that dinner you were going to make tonight. Listen to the latest release the below.

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