LP Giobbi And Hermixalot have Created a Track Together with "Perfect Fire"

LP Giobbi and Hermixalot's collaborative single features the Bay Area queer rapper/poet Hermixalot spitting over house beats created by LA based artist and producer LP Giobbi resulting in, "Perfect Fire."

Hermixalot (Lauren Spalding) wrote the lyrics during a time of deep self-doubt where she felt like her career was floundering, and what came out was deeply carthartic. "I started meditating on the idea of perfection, and how my definition of it was getting me stuck in my head about where I was supposed to be, and what I was supposed to be doing," Hermixalot says of the writing process. "I realized that the fire I had inside was enough to have arrived."

With the addition of LP Giobbi's production and Kitsune darling Claire George's vocals on the chorus, "Perfect Fire" forms a bouncy house track about self-love.

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