Kali Dreamer's "Dreamer is Unbreakable" is Here

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

One of our favorite artists, Columbus Ohio's Kali Dreamer, has released a new project a few weeks ago on SoundCloud, titled "Dreamer is Unbreakable".

The intro track to the project, "Kind Diavolo", introduces Kali's background in garage rock to the project's listeners (Kali has told us in the past that guitar riffs inform their flow and this track is a wonderful example of this).

By the second track the listeners have been pulled into Kali's own neo-wave rap world. The diverse project has something for everyone, and more importantly begins to break down genre barriers for listeners.

The massive 14 track journey is Dreamer's most emotionally venerable explorations to date, with tracks spanning all types of subject matter. From personal relationships, to day to day struggles that Dreamer faces in his world, Kali doesn't shy away from anything.

"Dreamer is Unbreakable" is a testament to the cohesive sonic diversity of Dreamer. While the project varies in everything from beat selection, to subject matter, flow, and song structure, there maintains a vein of garage rock and R&B influence that hold the track list together.

Take a listen to the emotional exploration below and read our interview with Kali Dreamer here.

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