Joey Purp Gets Introspective With Newest Project

The Chicago DIY style rapper known as Joey Purp has released his second full length into the world. With years in between Purp's fist full length, "iiiDrops", Purp is back with his second project, "QUARTERTHING".

"iiiDrops" was a look at Chicago from the eyes of a resident, and produced by Knox Fortune it set Purp up to be in a unique league. Singles and one offs released between the two full lengths had fans holding their breath for what style Purp they would get on the new project, but from 24k Gold/Sanctified on it is clear that this new Purp is the same one we grew to love, just with more authenticity and honesty to offer. This time, it's personal.

"QUARTERTHING," is a diverse offering of tracks, some to take a thoughtful drive to, and some to have your own dance party to. Listen to the newest project below.

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