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Groupie is 6 months old this month, we've been quietly running a content focused blog for half a year and it is time to step out of the shadows. If I, dumpster Kat and founder of Groupie, have any hope for this space differing itself from other internet platforms I think that starts with you getting to know me and my intentions.

Getting to know the fans at LOCKN'

So this is Groupie, this is the site you've been coming to for half a year and we're so glad to have you. In part one of our 'Get to Know Us' series, I'll be explaining the menu of our site. We've chosen to address some of our typical site functionality under a different name in hopes of bringing a different focus to the site. Groupie was designed with one intention, to leverage the new internet landscape into a physical manifestation of our collective passions. The way we believe that this is done is to break down those typical web confines. We have to talk about our intentions with this site, and that starts with the terms we've chosen to use and or coin. It isn't fair of myself, or anyone, to ask people to follow along with what we're striving to achieve without at least talking about it first.

Basics first. This site is call Groupie. Everything that you can find on this website, you've found on Groupie, just Groupie. If you stumble onto one of our site pages under a different name, for example 'wavvy' we call that 'wavvy, powered by Groupie.'

Groupie Attends opening Event

Next up, there's 'WAVES' where you can find both 'wavvy' and 'vvy'. We've chosen to call this section of our site "WAVES" after "wave music" and the ideas behind wave music. Want to know more about our thoughts on wave music - read this.

Wavvy is our blog, because we only see a music blog as one function of Groupie. While it is important to have a place to share the latest and greatest of music and culture that our team and readers are in love with, it is also so important to know that blogs aren't everything. We're all about the power of in person on Groupie, so if you see a blog post about a specific artist, we want you to go to their next show.

Vvy (pronounced - v) is the physical space focused part of our site. On vvy we cycle through long-term projects that need time and space to be completed and crafted correctly. Right now on vvy, we invite any and all music makers to apply to have vvy fund your next EP. You can find out more about our application process here.

Getting to know festival fans

Next up we have 'Morning, Boring' a curated collection of items both digital and physical for purchase, download, and sharing. On, Morning, Boring, Groupie hosts clothing from designers and vintage resellers that you can purchase, a collection of playlists to make your morning commute easier, and any and all things that those outside of Groupie have crafted that we co-sign. Essentially, its everything you need to get through a boring morning.

With everything we do we try to keep in mind our missions statement: fame isn't real, physical is better, and show up. This is only part one in our series to invite you in to the workings of Groupie. Please know you can always reach out to our team here with ideas, applications, and anything in between. We can't wait to see you in person.

All photos used in this article were taken by Kathryn DeFrank.

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