Bikini Kill Places Full Catalog on Digital Streaming Platforms for the First Time

Yesterday, for the first time in the band's history, Bikini Kill has placed their full catalog of music on digital streaming platforms. The 90s era female-punk band helped to bring in the 1990s wave of feminism, and now you can listen online.

In an interview with Tidal, front-woman Kathleen Hanna remarked, "For me, it wasn’t a decision against streaming. I know there was a while where we were pretty upset about the shoddy royalty rates that people were getting. But now, you look at it, and it’s all people just listening to your music on YouTube. You just want to have more people know about your work and get to hear the music however they get it. That’s just become more the thing for us. Since we have an extensive back catalogue, I just don’t think it’s right that everybody can’t have access to it. "

Images: Bikini Kill Image Archive

The announcement surprised many fans when it hit the internet via twitter. While a few may say the music is dated and that placing it online once it has aged 20+ years is a little useless, with the #metoo movement in full swing and accusers of influential figures coming out with their stories seemingly everyday, this may have been the exact right time to share the 20 year old tracks.

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