Finding a Studio | The Importance of a Second Home

If you browse the internet in search of studio information you're going to find a never-ending stream of articles suggesting the best way to set up YOUR home studio. But there's one thing that often gets overlooked in the age of DIY, finding a local studio.

If you're a modern day musician you most likely have created your vibes in some sort of home-studio set up already. Maybe you've decked out your spare room with all the tech and cool lights needed to create your magic, or maybe you're sitting in front of your old college laptop and a RadioShack microphone doing your best. Home studios are great, they're a way to create around your schedule and when the inspiration strikes, but they often can be a box that holds a musician back.

Finding a local studio can be hard, but what it can provide an artist is unmatched by the home creations. You'll meet new people coming and going from their own sessions, artists you'd never run into otherwise or someone who you consider outside your own genre. You'll get to know more than one engineer who will help push your music in new directions, who can lend an ear that's worked with a parade of different sounds, and who is there to help you create new ideas you never thought were possible.

That's the beauty of finding a studio you truly click with, its the people. Unfortunately humans tend to box themselves in and stay in comfort zones, but we've found studio sessions can break you out of that habit. Book a session at your local studio, if you don't click with someone try again with a different person. The important thing here is to go in with an open mind, and know that everyone in that studio is there to help you be the best music maker you can be.

As much as being an artist can make you feel like its your art against the world, that's not the case. Art is created in a community of passionate individuals there to lift you up, give you constructive criticism, and above all support you along your journey to being a better artist. You'll never stop growing as a musician, so find a local studio, book a session, and find the new people you'll grow alongside.

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