Evalyn Has Released her Third Single From Salvation EP Out Next Week

LA based artist, Evalyn, has  released single #3 from her Salvation EP, titled "A Pill to Crush." Each track featured on Salvation is an exploration of one of the seven deadly sins. "A Pill to Crush" explores the sin of wrath in a psychedelic haze of synths, perfectly toned guitars, and heavily layered vocals.

Evalyn sings bitterly of feeling powerless in a relationship where the other person treats you like nothing more than a pill to crush. "A Pill to Crush" follows lead single “Angels” (pride) and “Big Bad City” (greed). With its electronic take on traditional pop EPs, Salvation infuses its big stage feel with a more down to earth DIY Dream Pop feel that's truly LA. In creating Salvation, Evalyn said, “One of the central themes is the idea of trying to find something to save you, whether it’s religion or a cult or anything else you might worship.”

Listen to her latest release below.

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