Chance the Rapper Releases Four New songs

Rapper, Chance the Rapper, has released four new tracks last night via online streaming services. Over the past few days Chance has been teasing a possible album on his socials, saying that while there might not be an album, he has been in the studio.

This four track long project seems to delve into the current mind-state of Chance the Rapper coming off of his Grammy success last year. He sets the tone of the work with "I Might Need Security", whose beat is just the words "fuck you" on an intriguing loop. Each track to follow brings an entirely new energy to the speakers.

In the media, Chance hasn't had the best past year. Hometown press for the rapper dragged his name through their papers and blogs when he decided to donate to Chicago schools calling him a deadbeat dad. Recently Chance faced brief twitter backlashes when he got engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Kristen Corley.

Chance the Rapper may have released this tape as a way to kick back on his current treatment online, while at the same time delivering a beautiful quartet of diverse tracks. This EP departs from the gospel Chance that his audience got to know during the "Coloring Book" phase (apart from the last track that calls back to gospel Chance), and asks the question, whats to come for the young trailblazer?

Listen to the four tracks here.

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