Cass Releases Newest Visual

Charlottesville, VA rapper, Cass, has released his latest visual, a video for the single "Melly". The visual was directed by Tino, and features people close to the rapper in his real life. The visual's setting is one common to central Virginia rappers and can be seen in other videos, but this visual uses the landscape for the emotion that it emits over its overall atheistic.

Cass, king of laying down a hook, has approached this track with more emotion than most of his recent releases, and the visual is no different. While still upholding some classic trap visual elements; money, recognizable clothing brands, and supportive groups of friends, this video sets itself a part from other Cass visuals by being entirely more authentic and truthful to the rapper himself.

The color pallet is cool and calming, the camera remains steady not wild, the editing style is on beat but doesn't feature any quick cuts. "Melly" is truly a visual that lends itself first to the track and the meaning behind it, rather than just another trap visual. Check out the latest visual, we love it.

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