Buy Fresh, Buy Local | RVA Fall Fashion Weekend 2019

Buy Fresh, Buy Local | Why Supporting Your Local Fashion Scene can Lead to a Stronger Personal Brand

Get to the gig. Tag your photographer. Pay your producer. If you've seen any part of the online creative community in the past three or so years you probably already know these sentiments - but for some reason music creative support doesn't always extend to designers of fashion and past brands.

At Richmond Fall Fashion Weekend 2019 we say so many beautiful things. Beautiful buildings, beautiful people, beautiful clothes. But, we also had one beautiful idea. What if music culture poured into fashion culture beyond customs and brands. What if we supported independent designers too.

Just imagine. The next local visual you see, also includes the pop of color, texture, and uniqueness only a local fashion designer can provide. Despite what DIY has tried to tell us, we can't wall be one man bands. Simply put - not everyone is the best person to be both the musical artist and the clothing designer. Art shines brighter when you have a team of creatives individuals all playing to their strengths.

For live music in particular, local fashion designers are the perfect people to bring in as consultants for stage looks. Richmond's RVA Fall Fashion Weekend 2019 showed us this. Every collection had a stand out element; color, sparkle, feathers, etc. And, more importantly, fashion designers understand how their clothes will look under lights on the runway, these clothes are DESIGNED to wear under lights and in front of people.

Every place that one form of art exists, you can find another. Some of our stand-out designers for RVA Fall Fashion Weekend 2019's Sunday show were; Blas Couture, Tough Cookie, MK Vendetta, ABLE, Inceptual Sara, and Iamsewcrazy. These designers each brought a unique perspective to clothes that make you stand out. Below you can find some of our favorite looks and elements.

Satin, gems, and unusual materials are great selections for stage wear. The satin reflects dramatic lighting, keeping the artist and their music the center of attention. Choosing neutral outfits that feature gems are a great option if the performance style leans towards movement and dance. And, unusual materials pretty much guarantee that a show will stick in the audience's mind.

Material isn't the only consideration for stage and visual wear. Color matters. The best person to select clothing for an artist that truly flatters their overall image and brand is the designer themselves. And, accessories, how can you forget the cherry on top? Smaller selections like jewelry, belts, and tiaras, can help to keep a visual memorable.

Simply put, if you're a musician, look into your local fashion scene NOW. The creative community is stronger, more memorable, and more impactful when we all work together.

All photos taken by Kathryn DeFrank.

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