ASH Shares New Track

Oahu, Hawaii based artist, Ash, is in full bloom. The 22-year-old connects deeply to the physical world, with her surname translating to "fine mist" in Hawaiian, and her nom de plume Ash referring to "what remains when all is set to flame," a form of rebirth.

After a childhood on the island, Ash is currently living on an organic farm in Kelowna, British Columbia with her partner, where she is supremely focused on sustainability, which is also reflected in her music and artistry. "Our buying and trashing mindset has encouraged polluted water sources and growing lands, and millions of post-consumer landfill sites that ooze the toxicity of a greedy and scarce culture," she says. "I played a part in this until I woke up."

Ash now openly shares the first track from her new era, "Lover Friend."

Listen to her new track here

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