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The Dune Flowers are a dreamy alternative rock band residing in Nashville, TN. The boys sat down with Groupie to talk about their musical lives, how they see their future in music going, and what its like to make music as a group of transplants.

Groupie: So who exactly are the Dune flowers?

The Dune Flowers: We were in a group, and we were what was left after everyone went [to college]. Our town has this ridiculously strong music scene and we were all stranded from our own bands, so the Dune Flower’s were born.

Groupie: The big thing from us that made us reach out, is watching you all transition from a Maryland band to a band based in Nashville. How was that process, and how did you decide on Nashville?

The Dune Flowers: Seriously there’s so many people down here [Nashville], we’ve met 2 or three groups from Maryland here too. It started when our friend Blake moved down here for school, and then a year passed and [we started to] look too.

Groupie: I know one thing about Nashville, and it’s that you have really spicy chicken.

Dune Flowers: YES! There’s this one place that does like hot Catfish or Hot whatever on Wednesday’s.

Groupie: So going off that, there’s a huge cultural difference from Maryland and Nashville. For one there’s fewer crabs. How has the overall cultural adjustment been going?

The Dune Flowers: A lot of [our adjustment] has been [seeing other groups play music], there’s so many people down here doing the pop music thing, that we feel like we really don’t want to do that. Maybe we try to be more Maryland culture down here. It’s sort of like, everything inspires you….we think that just for the couple of experiences we’ve had down here that have pushed us to be better.

Groupie: Not only are you inspired to generate your own lane, but to be successful in that lane. I’ve noticed on the band’s twitter you retweet a lot of things from hip-hop culture. How do you walk through hip-hop culture as a band?

The Dune Flowers: We are and have been a main contributor to the culture, if that makes sense. We’re living in it and it’s all around us, it isn’t influencing us [exactly] but it is what our world is. There’s a terrible stigma on pop culture, and everybody’s thing is to hate what’s popular. If something sounds good, it sounds good. And also - the way we record, is full and modern sounding. Our ears have adjusted to a different sound as music has evolved. No one wants to hear a song that sounds bad.

Groupie: How does it feel to know when you’re recording in a beautiful studio, like you all have, with all the best gear, to know someone will play it through their iphone?

The Dune Flowers: That doesn’t bother me at all. If someone wants to listen to it, that’s sweet to me. They just don’t have the privilege of being around the best of the best [gear] and we don’t own it either [the best studio gear] so we’re right there with them.

Groupie: What do you think the perfect way to make a song is? From conception to mastered product.

The Dune Flowers: [We] don’t really think there’s a recipe. You’re not cooking the same thing every-time. We like when we all come together. We feel like a lot of the times, if you’re just writing in the studio, it doesn't sound as natural. We won’t go into the studio with just some lyrics and some chords. A good song is a good song, but for us to record [its] when we know what all the parts are going to be. You have to have something all three of us can play together.

Groupie: How important is it to you all as a group to play live music? And what’s the easiest way to have the show go well?

The Dune Flowers: Early Dune Flowers we would just go out and jam, and that’s the biggest mistake ever. It didn’t sound super tight. We have to try super hard to sound extra good, we have to make sure we’re on the same page or else it’s going to sound bad.

Groupie: I think you’re wonderful driving music, great for speeding down the highway.

The Dune Flowers: Shows are our favorite part of music ever. Freddie King, lived the best life ever. He played for a year and a half every night. Playing live shows is the essence of music. One thing that makes our shows funnier and also harder to watch is that we typically don’t have a set list, and it wastes time.

Groupie: Its a chance for your fans to be a part of something for a finite amount of time. We’re nearing the end. Final question, what is next for you all?

The Dune Flowers: A little DIY tour in the Spring.

And the good news, they are touring! Details below, check them out on the road.

Interview by Kathryn DeFrank.

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