A Letter from the Founder

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned, specifically my life. Hi, I'm Kat, dumpster kat, Kitty, whatever you call me and I run and own this blog and mission. But, as of late, I haven't been doing a very good job at, well, any of my jobs.

So here's some background on me. I'm a college drop out, film school to be specific. When I dropped out of school I did so because I had just come off of my very first music documentary. I wanted to be more involved in the world of music - so I left behind what everyone told me to do, to pursue what I knew I had a calling for. Conceited or not - I've always felt that documenting music is a higher purpose for me, something I was born into this world to do.

That was four and half years ago, and since then this little thing called life has swept me off my feet time and time again. Money, I don't love the idea of it, but we all need it. Rent, food, debt, gas for your car or some spare change for a bus fare, money is what meets all of those needs at the end of the day. In an ideal world, we as humans would all look out for each other's needs and money wouldn't come into the frame, but we don't live in that world - at least I don't.

You see, I'm the type of person that needs to succeed at everything I do. Music documentation needed more time than my in school self could give it? Easy, drop out. But, then this whole money thing crept up on me. I have student loans, and this human need to eat and have shelter, so I got a job in marketing. I know marketing like the back of my hand, and I'm pretty good at it too.

Maybe, if I had gotten a retail job or a job in the food industry I wouldn't be writing this. Maybe, I would have found a better work life balance by now. But, I'm typing this all out to tell you I haven't. I want to succeed at my day job just as much as I want to be the best music documentarian I can be. And, if that wasn't enough, I've decided to try and buy a house. My ego told me I could do it all, my ego still tells me I can. And, you know what, I believe it. For the better part of five months this website has taken hit after hit from me and my inability to balance my personal life with this. But it stops now.

This is my one true calling, and truth be told I'm (in the grueling process of) buying a house right now so I can better focus on this website. Four years of four rentals has kept my life in a constant disarray that I can barely manage. I crave stability, for me in my personal life, and for us in the world of DIY multi-genre music. I want a home that I can welcome artists of all walks of life into with open arms. A table where we ca all break bread and talk about what drives us, and where we are hitting walls.

I've always been personal on my own social media - trying to shed a light on the fact that this isn't easy, that when you care it is hard to keep balance. So, I write all this not to say that from this point on it gets better, but to honestly and truly say that I'm trying. That I'll never stop trying. That I am grateful to have you here with me, that I'll always be overwhelmed with happy tears when I think about the stories I've been privileged enough to help tell.

Music put me here, for you, and music will help me cross every river of stress and doubt that will continue to be put on my life path. I am happy to be here, humbled to write this, and so very ready for the next steps. Let's do this together - because a music blog is nothing without the musicians and supporters of the music that put me here in the first place.

With love,

dumpster kat.

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