A. D. Wells Keeps Bedroom Music Alive in Brooklyn

21 year old New Jersey resident, A.D. Wells, has compiled his first full length work that was released earlier this Summer. The work in many ways is as introspective as it is observational.

Titled, 'The West Hollywood Broken Hearts Club' the debut record emits an emotion to it that is often lost in more polished studio work. Simple melodies and rhythms that sit at the surface capture your attention as the lyrics swirl in the back. Each track seems to be taken out of an Indie film that exists in your imagination.

On the work's inspiration Wells admits, “In many ways the idea of Hollywood represents an interesting element of human realness, people seem to be running from things: themselves, other people, their own worst thoughts, the path that life has laid out for them."

We can't wait to watch Wells grow as a musician, you can check out his debut below.

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