the vvy project

Upcoming Project: Small Town EP

What is the "Small Town EP"? 


The Small Town EP is a project sponsored by Groupie and VVY. This project includes an EP, a small film, and a completed zine all encompassing one week. 

So what are we actually doing?

We're taking a band or small group of musicians and asking them to live in one house in small town America for 7 days. Our home will be fully stocked with everything a group of musicians needs to make good music, and have a good time doing it. But here's the catch, the band won't be alone. Whoever is chosen to participate in this project will be joined by a filmmaker/ photographer , an audio engineer, and music management and social media specialist. The group will be tasked with creating an EP in one week, all while making a film about the making of an EP in one week, and a zine that encompasses the nature of the week. 


What about people that want to hear this?


You're in luck, on the final day of the week the house will be converted into a fully functional event space. The band that was privately making music and living with their team will now end the week by playing their new EP to a house show! All attendees will be invited to stay in the house overnight will the creatives that have already been there. 

Sound interesting? Apply!

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