Groupie has three core values: fame isn't real, physical is better, and show up. 

Welcome to Groupie, a hub for online collaboration between musicians and the community they've built around their art. Our goal is to eliminate the 'fan vs. artist' barrier to music, increase artists participation, and to create and document East Coast music culture focusing in the genres that embody the spirit of wave music. We’re here to build a powerful and uplifting tool in DIY music documentation. 


Featuring photography, concert, lifestyle, short pieces regarding the current state of music culture and music videos our historical focused blog, wavvy, has it all. Wavvy was created as part of the Groupie family to inform consumers and inspire artists. 

Though 'vvy' and 'morning, boring', we're able to deliver the best in tour support and new music creation. At Groupie. we're here to support live music first and believe that everything else will follow. If you're a touring act, we're here to support you along the way, and if you consider yourself a fan of music we're here to better connect you in a real way. Our mission is simple, to create a culture of support so EVERY band and music maker has the ability to tour.


Our community understands that fame isn't real, that the people who make music and enjoy it are real, and we will strive to continue our message of industry inclusion in all that we do.

Meet the Team

Dumpster Kat

Founder of Groupie.

Photographer, Filmmaker, and Tour Manager.


Follow her @kathryndefrank everywhere or just search Dumpster Kat.  


FeelGoodRVA was created by Great Britt of Richmond, VA. Together with Groupie. we form #FEELSOUNDS.  Groupie. and FeelGoodRVA create live events in Richmond, VA that focus in music culture, environmentalism, and mental health awareness. You can find Britt on Instagram @iambrittlm and you can go to FeelGoodRVA HERE.  


Head of Groupie's Legal department. 

Taste maker. Independent legal advice. Business management. 

Sofie Vasquez

Sofie Vasquez is an Ecuadorian-American photographer and writer from The Bronx, New York. Passionate about documentary photography, she has a soft spot for sharing the stories and images depicting the vibrant life and essence of the New York music scene. You can find her on her Instagram @bullsinthebrnx 

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